Build & scale an
in-house marketing system that delivers measurable results

Ditch the overwhelm and confusion. Get full control over your marketing with a consistent, repeatable marketing department in 1 year.

Look, Everyone Is Lying To You

There’s No Such Thing As A Magic Pill or Silver Bullet

We know it’s not the sexiest thing to say, but your big, long-term marketing gains will come from the compound interest of daily, weekly, and monthly processes.

A lot of these agencies and so-called "experts" are awesome marketers — they’ll promise what you want to hear, only to become a money sink.

We, on the other hand, stand by what effective marketing actually is: a process, not an event.

So What Does It Actually Take To Have a Marketing Department That Allows You To Scale Your Business?

Revenue-Scaling Strategy

A solid marketing plan removes all the guesswork and ensures you’re prioritizing only what moves the needle. We practically invented the concept — just ask the millions of businesses transformed by The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

Solid Foundations

With a clear target market and strong positioning, you stand out in the market and you get far more returns on all the marketing you do.

Time-Saving Systems & Team

So you have the freedom to stop working in the business and start working ON the business — while still increasing profits.

Then, Finally, You’re Ready To Turn On The Engine

Measuring your KPIs, knowing what to optimize, and drastically scaling your numbers.

Allan Pointing at you

“But I’m Not A Marketer, Why Should I Bring This In-House Instead of Hiring An Agency?”

It can be tempting to outsource your marketing to an agency, but consider this:


Most agencies just plug in a templated service or formula and call it a day — without ever taking the time to understand your business and personalize your strategy


You stop paying, you stop lead flow — without the agency, you don’t have a business, which means you’re stuck in an awful hostage situation with very little room to pivot


You’re one of many clients on their books. If you're not shelling out millions of dollars on advertising, you won’t be their top priority, so you probably won’t get the results you deserve.


You don't own or control your marketing at all, you're just praying and hoping it all works out

Instead, when you bring your marketing in-house…

Every dollar you spend benefits your business, and your business alone (not to mention, it's far easier to track where your money is going and what's coming back

You keep all the marketing know-how (IP) inside your business, allowing you to pivot and scale more predictably

You build a dedicated team whose sole focus is to make your business more successful

You’re able to make and implement decisions much faster — which is key to sustainable growth, especially in the current economy

In fact, doing it this way usually results in SAVING money compared to paying an agency, in the long run.


Lean Marketing Accelerator

A done-with-you program to supercharge your in-house marketing & grow a resilient, thriving, and autonomous business within one year.

Let us help you strategize, prioritize, and execute the 20% of your business that produces 80% of results.

Quantum Contract Solutions Built the Marketing System They Needed To Scale
“we had no website. no systems. no processes. and within a year, we’re basically a million dollar company.”

if you are...

Confident in what you sell — you know your product, service, or software is top-notch, and it’s just a matter of getting it in front of people…

Ready to invest in yourself and guidance that will potentially double or triple your revenue, while halving your time…

Open to pushing the envelope and implementing what it takes to grow your business…

Willing to trust in the process and execute consistently to  develop a powerful in-house marketing team.

You’re in a position to have the most profitable years your business has ever seen.

Our different levels of support mean that we can help anyone, from solopreneurs and startups to businesses with 50+ million in revenue
Holloway Diamonds Went All In, Doubling Their Revenue to $9M in One Year
"your team is absolutely off the charts."


Over The Next Year, We’ll Help You Build...

Your 1-Page Marketing Plan Strategy

A solid marketing plan removes all the guesswork and ensures you’re prioritizing only what moves the needle. We practically invented the concept — just ask the millions of businesses transformed by The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

You might say: “Can’t you just build my strategy alone?”

And we get it. The 1-Page Marketing Plan is proof that strategy alone can be a gamechanger.

But that’s only 4% of your marketing. The rest is implementation, reiteration and optimization. In fact, your strategy will not be the same forever. We will work with you to develop AND optimize your strategy each step of the way.

Allan Pointing at you
“I basically can’t run my business without it.”

“The 1PMP has been a staple with all of my clients for the past two years. I work with a lot of first time small business owners who are in that five to seven year phase where they need to get out of doing work and build more teams. Who wanted to stop doing random acts of marketing religiously. So it's a piece in my process and it's the one piece that I feel absolutely provides the clarity and information they need. I don't live without it. I basically can't run my business without it.”

Aundrea De Leon
Business Consultant

Your Lean Foundations

There’s likely nothing wrong with the marketing you’re currently implementing.

But no matter how good your strategy or tactic is, it’s all for nothing if your fundamental messaging and positioning is off. Any post, email or ad you put out will be 10x more effective when it’s informed by powerful fundamentals.

We’ll deploy our 9-step messaging framework  and apply it to your website, your content, your ads, EVERY element of your marketing.

You might say: “I’ve already done all of this — can we just get straight to tactics?”

If you have, great, we can move faster!

But after working with thousands of clients, we’ve found that even million-dollar companies don’t have this done correctly, which turns any marketing investment into a waste of money.

Allan Pointing at you
“I’ve Got A Full Pipeline Of Repeat Clients Interested In Additional Services."

“Using updated messaging and USP, we were able to upsell and close a repeat client contract this week for $4 million more! Plus I’ve got a full pipeline of repeat clients interested in additional services.”

Simon Forbes
Shaw & Partners

Your Lean Marketing System

You might say: “What about lead gen?”

Listen: only 3% of people who come into contact with your business are ready to buy now.

You could spend thousands to close a fraction of that 3%, and lock yourself into a feast or famine cycle…

Or you could plug that leaky bucket and build a lead-generating ecosystem comprising your website and CRM to consistently track, nurture, and convert leads 24/7.

Allan Pointing at you
“Really Adds A Confidence Factor to What We Do."

"We've 2xed both our website opt-ins and sales calls, and increased our conversion rates by 5%. We love our advisor. She's provided great insights, really adds a confidence factor to what we're doing, and removes the "are we on the right track or not" problem."

Frank Schaner
Home Science Tools

Your Lean Growth Engine

Once we get the first three phases down, the last thing we’ll do is begin what most people think marketing actually is.

We’ll prioritize your quarterly goals based on what drives revenue fastest. That might look like increasing your average contract value, funnel optimization, lead gen, ads, campaigns, or whatever it may be.

When the situation calls for it, we partner with some of the best in the industry (PPC, SEO, Social, etc)  to give you in-depth guidance. And we’ll track everything. Remember, what gets measured, gets managed.

Allan Pointing at you
“We couldn’t have been happier."

“We've tried a lot of courses and this is the first time I feel really confident of what we are building. I love that we are building our internal marketing and system capabilities and this is how we will do things from here on out.”

Michael O’Grady
Valmond & Gibson

“How Am I Supposed To Have Time To Do All This?”

When you’re ready, we'll take our expertise earned from hiring over 300 marketing coordinators to place a doer in your business. We take over the entire process — all you have to do is choose the right candidate.

If you’re at a certain point in your business, we’ll also help upskill your marketing doer into a marketing thinker — a CMO or CRO — to help spearhead your company’s marketing strategy and lead the department on your behalf.

And lastly – we’ll work WITH your in-house marketing team for MONTHS to ensure they perform at an optimal level, fit your culture, and get you what you really want… MORE CUSTOMERS.

as we work together, you’ll see the small wins begin to stack up…
“We're already seeing new leads!”

“I’m enjoying working with my coach and feeling really optimistic. We’ve sorted out our target market, worked on our USP and worked on our messaging. They’ve helped us with our customer journey. We’re already starting to see leads. The program is going really well so far.”

James Cash
Superfast IT
“Sold 10K worth of silver.”

"Allan’s coaches are amazing. We’ve sold 10k worth of silver, and it looks like the content strategy is really putting in the work."

Richard Malik
Silver Token
“A half-million dollar launch in 3 days.”

"We had something like over 3K paid subscribers on day 1 and are already at 5300+ in three days since this paid beta launch. Lots of credit & kudos to you all. The strategy & implementation worked great. I think we’re already over a half-million dollar launch in 3 days.”

Nick Shaw
RP Strength
“We've tripled our open rate.”

"Just wanted to let you two know that we’ve tripled our email open rate. I also consistently get responses to my super sig. Plus my welcome sequence is consistently generating responses."

Dr. Matt Klinger
Village FPT
“Best Black Friday we've ever had.”

“It turned out to be the best Black Friday we’ve ever had. We wrote 15 emails that brought in $200k. They also helped us make two awesome hires."

Julian Baccash
“Minds blown.”

"Sometimes our calls are uncomfortable for me, but it's like going to one of my fitness classes. It's not meant to be comfortable. I'm getting a lot out of these and feeling really confident about my marketing."

Christopher Cisneros
…snowballing into exponential growth, like with Carla rogers of evolve communities
"this program has been transformational. we've doubled our income and landed dream partnerships."
How We Work

Run at the speed you set

We don’t drip content month to month or hold anything back. This is a full, year-long program where you get all our SOPs, processes, and direct support as fast as you can implement.

Most people take a full year to build out their marketing department. If you get through it faster, great. You have our support for a year.

And marketing never ends. For example, our own marketing goals board currently has a 5-year plan we’re still working through.

Allan Pointing at you

World-class support from world-class advisors​

Our advisors are:

Industry veterans with a collective decades of marketing experience across multiple industries.

Entrepreneurs. Every advisor has run their own business and been in your shoes. They know what it’s like to have to make payroll and respect budgets.

Certified 1-Page Marketing Plan & Lean Marketing Experts who’ve been mentored in my methodologies.

Individually mentored and advised by Allan Dib and Lean Marketing appointed CEO, Anna Kloth.

PLUS: All strategic recommendations go through the entire consulting team. Your business will regularly be assessed by a marketing review board of expert advisors.

A Mix Of 1:1 Support, Group Clinics, And Independent Learning

Our Entire SOP Library For Fast Implementation

We don’t just teach you what to do. We give you the exact step-by-step, 1-2-3 of HOW to actually do it, with templates and processes for everything you need.

8x Dedicated Marketing Clinics Each Week

We cover fundamentals, tech implementation, messaging, project management, copy review, and more.

Quarterly 1:1 Check-Ins With Your Advisor

Your assigned advisors will meet with you every 3 months to hold you accountable, make sure you’re on track, and pivot if necessary.

On-Demand Slack Channel Support

Have a quick question? Pop it into your private Slack channel. You’ll always have that extra support between calls.

Advanced Business Strategy Clinics With Allan Dib & Anna Kloth

Lean on the creator of The 1-Page Marketing Plan and Lean Marketing himself and his appointed CEO for mentorship and high level support.

Specialized Clinics From External Experts

These specialists from our network are absolute geniuses in their respective lanes, whether that’s systems, social media, PPC, SEO, the list goes on.

Varying Levels Of Support To Meet You Where You’re At

Our standard program is geared towards solopreneurs, individual service providers, and startups. It’s not just a cheaper option, it’s the peers you’ll learn from and level of marketing complexity.

In our more advanced programs (which you can upgrade to at any time), in addition to advanced strategy, you’ll receive:

A recurring, weekly 1:1 with your advisor & unlimited 15-minute calls for urgent reviews and advice between sessions.

Complimentary quarterly access to 3rd party experts to consult on copywriting, conversion rate optimization, website development, social, and more

Done-for-you hiring, client experience interviews, and team interviews.

But remember, there are no magic bullets. Like a gym membership, we can’t do the work for you, and you have to commit to doing the work.

More Than Marketing

“marketing is doing too well! we need to shut it down so sales can keep up!”

Seriously. Multiple clients have said that.

When marketing explodes, sales and operations often can’t keep up.

That’s why we also help you with:

Company-wide team reorganization to plug gaps, create a better company culture & increase productivity while reducing strain.

Sales CRMs, systems, and sequencing to ensure your sales processes are efficient and to ensure you’re not leaving any money on the table.

Operations management, project management, client retention, and customer service – so you can make the most out of existing customers and assets.

And everything else your business needs to scale as seamlessly as possible.


Different Levels For Different Stages Of Business

Program Fee
(With Internal Financing)
$6.5K \ Month
(With External Financing, U.S. Only)
From $266/Month
From $135/Month
Recommended ForCompanies with Marketing Teams or High Ticket (+100k) OffersCompanies with Product Market Fit Beginning To Build Out In-House Marketing

Startups & Solopreneurs

Startups & Solopreneurs

Lean Marketing Academy

Customized 1-Page Marketing Plan

8 Strategy Clinics/Week

Slack Support

1:1 Metric & Goal Review

Weekly 1:1 Intensive ConsultingWith a Senior Advisor

Done-for-You Hiring

Unlimited Support Calls30-mins15-mins--
Complimentary External Specialists


Pay Once, cry Once

If there’s one lesson we wish we learned sooner, it would be this: stop being cheap and screwing around with DIY.

It always ends in you paying way more in damage control — with both time and money.

In Allan’s first business, he spent a decade doing things through trial and error. Had he hired the right person to mentor him, he could have shortened his marketing journey by nine years.

Instead, he wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing that was never going to work for his IT company. Not to mention the opportunity loss.

Our goal is for you to be self-sufficient. Eventually, you won’t need us, and that’s what we want! For you to pay once, cry once, and wipe those tears with profits.

See If It's A Fit
“I've been burned by so many consultants in the past."

“Allan and his team are the ONLY vendor where when I’m writing the check, I smile. I feel stupid I didn’t sign up with you all earlier. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.”

Joseph Ialacci
Yacht Hampton

How much should you budget for?

We’ll help with strategic decisions necessary to generate more revenue, an overarching plan for compound growth, and hiring the right team.

But we cannot be your entire marketing budget.

In our standard plan, you’ll have to do most of the marketing and system set up until you’re ready to hire someone to implement the marketing for you. We recommend hiring a VA or copywriter per project basis to keep moving forward.

At the Gold Tier, for example we recommend setting aside at least $70,000 – $100,000 to devote to marketing for the year (inclusive of our consulting fee, an employee dedicated to marketing, and other marketing expenses).

on the fence?


We’ll only work with you if we think the Lean Marketing Accelerator would be a profitable investment for your company.

If you’re thinking, “now’s not the right time,” you can continue doing things the hard way – piecing things together on your own.

But you’d be wasting time — your most valuable resource.

Join the hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve taken the leap, gotten expert guidance, and are now enjoying more revenue, more autonomy, and a more resilient business.

“Do You Offer Financing Options?” And Other Smart Questions
How quickly can I expect to see an ROI?
How much should I budget for my other marketing expenses?
What if I don’t like my advisor, or want to work with someone specific?
Do you provide refunds?
What do the weekly group clinic calls cover?
Do you offer financing options?