Master Marketing with Allan Dib

Go from confusion to clarity when you book Allan as a speaker at your next virtual or in-person event.

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Master marketing with Allan Dib

Go from confusion to clarity

A word from Allan

I’m thrilled that you’re considering me for your event or training session. It’s an honor, and I’m genuinely excited to see where I can provide value to you and your people.

So to help you to make the right decision, my team has compiled a series of video clips from my masterminds and live events that you can watch, as well as testimonials from the organizers and entrepreneurs I’ve had the privilege of working with.

This is a massive decision, so I want you to take your time. Watch the videos, read the feedback, review the programs I offer and don’t hesitate to reach out to my team to discuss your needs.

I look forward to hopefully working with you in the near future.

Bye for now,

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8 Reasons Why People Love Working with Allan
Revolutionize your

Allan breaks down why focusing on getting your brand out there is a losing strategy. He’ll give you the insight to understand what people really want and how to get your message across.

Become more efficient

Allan shows you how to systemize and build a lean and efficient business. He’ll give you the formula to capture more clients, produce more engaging content, and turn a tidy profit.

Get traction

If you’re struggling to get traction, Allan shows you which marketing strategies will make you money. He knows the right answers, sets you on the right path and makes everything easy.

Simplify the complicated

Allan focuses on taking you from confusion to clarity. He knows that marketing’s become complicated, but he talks your language at your level and shares his methodology for success.

Monetize your marketing

Allan makes sure that every dollar you spend on marketing comes back into your business account. He shortcuts the process of making money so that you can get results quickly.

Understand your worth

Not only does Allan help you to understand the necessity of marketing, but he also shows you the value you have to offer, how to position your business and increase your profits.

Change the way you sell

Allan explains why the days of cold calling and hard sales are long gone. If you want to grow your customer base, you need to focus on building relationships because conversations lead to conversions.

Practices what he preaches

Every strategy or tool Allan suggests he’s tried. With over 20 years of expensive experience growing his businesses, he knows what works, and he’s ready to download his knowledge to you so you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

What’s Your Focus?

Allan has curated content for more than 2,500 CEOs and entrepreneurs at events like the 2019 Foro-Go conference in Mexico, Super Fast Business Live in Australia, and the Indian Entrepreneurs Collective. He’s held intimate mastermind sessions and inspired jam-packed atriums.

But this moment is about you. It’s about fulfilling your needs. So take a moment to figure out what your biggest challenge is? What do your people really want to know? What’s going to excite and inspire them?

Browse our list of topics and find the program that best fits your needs.

7 Keys to Rapid Business Growth

How to Crisis-Proof Your Business

Income Comes From Assets

Develop Your Marketing lan

Conversational Sales

The Science of Scale

Monetize your Marketing

Marketing Tools

Find Your Difference

Systemize Your Business

Clarify Your Marketing Strategy

Build Your In-House Marketing System

Team Building

Market Positioning

David Jenyns - Who is Allan Dib?

“Allan is the real deal. He’s written arguably one of the most successful >marketing books. The guy knows what he’s talking about. In a little over a year, from working with Allan, I started my business from scratch, and within a year, we’re a million-dollar company. So can Allan help you? Absolutely. I recommend him. I think you should give him a go. If you’re serious about making money and building a business that impacts the world, I think Allan is your guy.”

Cian Brennan
Quantum Contract Solutions

“Allan is freaking awesome. The advice he gives you is spot on. He makes it simple and easy to digest. I love his style, and I think he is an incredible talent. I’ve learned so much from his book, videos, and emailers. I encourage you to check him out. Rest assured, it will be quality. Any time and money invested, you’ll get it back.”

Jordie Kern
7 Eagle Group

“Allan Dib’s 1-Page Marketing Plan and the two-day mastermind session I did with him has been transformational and just what I was looking for. Allan is unique in his generosity, his ability to connect and support you as a business one to one. I walked into the program very confused with lots of different ideas, and I walked out with a very clear implementation strategy, and I’m just doing it. I’d highly recommend the program.”

Carla Rogers
Evolve Communities

“It was a pleasure to have Allan take part and for sharing his passion, knowledge and experience. I have personally received dozens of thank you’s following the webinar, and those are really thanks for Allan giving up his time to educate, inspire and help the members.”

Paul Inskip
COO, UK Photographer’s Association

“The Jerry McGuire line “you had me at hello” was appropriate for me in what I think of Allan’s book. From the very beginning, this no-nonsense and no BS approach to sharing a playoff on how to actually build a marketing strategy was invaluable. My MBA marketing courses didn’t teach me as clearly as Allan did. I cannot recommend his book highly enough and bought five copies for my employees. No more random acts of marketing for me…”

Ron Hurst
Developing Leaders Inc.

Don't take our word, here's what others had to say about Allan

What you can look forward when booking Allan to speak

Clarity and actionable advice. Allan’s goal is to help you walk away with a clear plan of action that you can implement immediately and start seeing results. His lively, engaging and value packed presentations will have your people pumped and ready to make positive changes.

Here’s just a few of the programs Allan has presented.

6 Key Takeaways from The 1-Page Marketing Plan

7 Keys to rapid business growth

Building marketing assets

Building business systems

Mastering email marketing

Generating Leads through inbound marketing

How to write, self-publish and monetize a bestseller

Speaker Rates
Event Fee


What you get?

Curated content specifically for your audience. Allan builds out an educational program that’s guaranteed to deliver a lightbulb moment.

Virtual training fee


What you get?

One hour of Allan’s time. Through an intensive question and answer session, Allan gets to the bottom of your marketing challenges, provides clarity and hands-on advice.

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