Sell Your Customers What They Want. But Give Them What They Need.

We've covered the essential elements of crafting a good offer. Now you need to find out exactly what your market wants. But I want you to go deeper. When it comes to delivery of your product or service we need to sell our customers what they want, and give them what they need.

There’s often a big difference between what people want and what people need.

Let me give you an example.

Exercise Sales Example:

Let’s say you’re a fitness instructor. You improve people’s lives through better health, fitness and nutrition.

The concept of better health is too vague, far off and long-term for most people.

Instead, you’ve got to appeal to vanity, performance or some other specific want that the prospect has. For example this could be ripped abs, a toned body, or great figure.

So you need to give them what they need in terms of health improvement. But do it via what they want. And that’s what you sell them - the improvements in appearance and performance.

You need to understand both wants and needs. They are sometimes overlapping and sometimes completely non-overlapping.

So, sell your customers what they want. Give them what they need.

Most importantly, don't confuse them.

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Treadmill Sales Example:

I’ve owned a treadmill for over a year but I haven’t lost any weight. So this proves that treadmills don’t work and are most likely a scam.

This is obviously a ridiculous statement. For my treadmill to “work” I’ve obviously got to turn it on. Run on it for a while. Sweat and repeat the process on a regular basis.

Buying it is just the first step. Putting it to its intended use is another.

This may seem like an obvious statement. But a big part of the battle you’ll fight is getting people to do what they should to achieve results with your product or service.

Some business owners feel like following through to implementation is not their responsibility. That their customer should be responsible for getting results with the product or service they have bought.

However, this is short-sighted. We live in a world that’s fast-paced with a lot of things competing for the time and attention of our customers.

You're In The Results Getting Business

As business owners, our goal is for our customers to achieve results. Because that's all they want - results. - Allan Dib

A customer who buys a product or service and doesn’t use it or implement it correctly is highly likely to write it off as something that doesn’t work.

That’s the last thing we want. At best it ends up being a one-off sale and at worst it ends up being labeled a scam.

As ridiculous as me calling treadmills a scam because I failed to actually use the one I bought, a consumer can do the same with your product or service.

Except now the consumer has access to online forums and social media. Either, they will spread positive feedback if they got results or negative feedback if they didn’t.

Unfair? Maybe. But the mark of winning businesses is going to be turnkey solutions that help customers through implementation to the desired result.

In many cases it’s going to mean you need to spoon feed them through the process of getting results.

Otherwise you’re in a low margin, commodity, transaction style business competing solely on price.

That’s a dangerous place to be with price comparisons being only a click away.

Sell Them What They Want. Give Them What They Need. Get Them To Do It.

So your job is now to find a way to sell what your prospects want but also give them what they need.

To get them to take action and do what they need to do to get results may mean that you have to package things in a certain way.

You may need to cut the process up into manageable bite-sized pieces so that it doesn’t seem so daunting.

  1. Figure out who your  is and what really drives them ideal target market is and what really drives them.
  2. Map out your 1-Page Marketing Plan Canvas.
  3. Then hire a copywriter to help you create a stellar campaign message because you need to get your customer's attention first.
  4. Market to them until they buy or die.

You may have the best vitamin in the world, but you need to make it taste sweet so the kids will eat it. That’s giving them what they want but also what they need.

Focus On Getting Your Customers Results

Leadership is an attractive quality and people want to be led.

Take the initiative of packaging up the implementation of your product or service. Anticipating roadblocks that will be encountered along the way. And having solutions to overcoming these roadblocks. This shows leadership.

Helping your customers all the way through to achieving results will have a big payoff for both yourself and them. Don't just give your customers what they want. Give them what they need.

Not doing so will shortchange the both of you.

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