Lean Metrics

Are you getting an ROI on your marketing? Get clear on your numbers so you can invest in what’s actually working.

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Get a proven system for Nailing Your Metrics

When you don't know your numbers, you don't know what to prioritize. This leads to random acts of marketing that don't get you any tangible returns. With this step-by-step SOP, you'll walk away with the same framework our clients use to stay on top of their metrics and grow with confidence.

Perfect For:
A Business Owner

Who wants to get clarity on what’s working, what not, and where your business needs the most help.

A Marketer

Who wants to upskill in goal setting and analytics, so you can truly spearhead growth for your company.

You’ll Walk Away With…
A clear understanding of your business’s numbers and which areas to prioritize
A proven process for end-of-year goal planning and review — so you’re not constantly feeling behind
Systems in place to accurately track your most relevant KPIs and metrics (we’ll also show you which ones are)
The Lean Ethos

Our SOPs Are Short and Simple — A Feature, Not A Bug

Most gurus think shoving 100+ hours of content and theory down your throat makes for quality.

We disagree. You’re busy AF! You deserve real results without spending hours trying to implement.

On Top Of That, You’re Also Getting…
A certification badge to prove your expertise
A proven process you can leverage repeatedly
A network of owners and marketers who’ve got your back

Get Lean metrics Today

You can get this SOP a la carte, or get all of our strategies (as well as extra support) inside The Lean Marketing Accelerator.

“I've been burned by so many consultants in the past."

“Allan and his team are the ONLY vendor where when I’m writing the check, I smile. I feel stupid I didn’t sign up with you all earlier. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.”

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