Lean Channel Selection

Find out how to select the right channels to focus on to bring in maximum traffic to your business.

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Get a proven system for Prioritizing Your Lead Channels

How do you get featured as an expert or get more PR coverage on your business? With this step-by-step SOP, you'll walk away with the exact process we walk our clients through to get more earned media exposure and prioritize the right channels to generate massive traffic to your brand.

Perfect For:
A Business Owner

Who wants to know which channels to prioritize, based on what’s right for their business.

A Marketer

Who wants to deliver better results for their clients or employer, by knowing which media channels work best.

You’ll Walk Away With…
The highest leverage channels identified at every stage of your funnel
A strategy for quickly driving mass amounts of traffic to your brand, whether that’s guesting on a podcast or creating organic content
Peace of mind, knowing you have multiple sources for consistent lead flow
The Lean Ethos

Our SOPs Are Short and Simple — A Feature, Not A Bug

Most gurus think shoving 100+ hours of content and theory down your throat makes for quality.

We disagree. You’re busy AF! You deserve real results without spending hours trying to implement.

“It’s helped me win more business."

“I love that there’s a lot of actionable strategies here to make our marketing super relevant. I’m really looking forward to what we’re building right now and have already made a mindset shift that’s helped me win more business.”

Simon Forbes
Shaw & Partners
On Top Of That, You’re Also Getting…
A certification badge to prove your expertise
A proven process you can leverage repeatedly
A network of owners and marketers who’ve got your back

Get Lean Channel Selection Today

You can get this SOP a la carte, or get all of our strategies (as well as extra support) inside The Lean Marketing Accelerator.

“I’ve been burned by so many consultants in the past."

“Allan and his team are the ONLY vendor where when I’m writing the check, I smile. I feel stupid I didn’t sign up with you all earlier. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.”

Joseph Ialacci
Yacht Hampton
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