Get More Clients and stack more wins as a
1-page marketing plan certified marketer

Stand out in your field with a proven,sellable, turnkey framework that gets your clients results.

Trusted by Organizations & Institutions Worldwide
What would it take for you to be considered a leader in your industry?
Expert status comes down to 3 things
Clear Gameplan

You need a simple, easy-to-communicate framework you can walk your clients through, so they always know where they’re at, while giving you the confidence to do what they pay you for.

History of results

You need a tried-and-tested toolbox of best practices to connect classic foundations and cutting-edge strategies so you can produce results for any client at any time.

World-class recognition

You need the indisputable social proof and credibility that comes from alignment with industry-respected authorities on marketing.

Now it's time to raise the ceiling on your potential, and ultimately, your business

Maybe you’re an accountant, business coach, or legal advisor who knows your clients desperately need help with their marketing.

Maybe you already provide marketing services and are looking to move from a done-for-you model to charging for strategic consulting.

Becoming a 1PMP Certified Marketer is the best way to add result-driven marketing consulting to your existing business.

Stop giving away your knowledge for free and get paid to:

Create tangible, actionable plans for your clients with a proven framework that incorporates the entire customer journey (instead of just one or two specific areas).

Effectively communicate your strategies so that your clients avoid overwhelm and can easily follow along to get results they won’t find anywhere else.

Confidently weave together timeless and contemporary approaches that will result in significant return on investment.

...and deliver results that prove you know exactly what you're doing

Connectthe dots
Prescribe effective strategies
Simplify the complex

1pmp certification is your practical MBA ⁠— upskill, network, and build authority

Get lasting, tried-and-tested marketing knowledge combined with the stamp of approval from a globally-recognized brand.

Feel comfortable communicating strategies to clients using Allan Dib’s marketing assets as your own.

Get front row seats to what’s working for us behind the scenes, and what’s working NOW.

Join a network of high-level marketing consultants that you can turn to for innovative solutions.

Say goodbye to client confusion that results in falling behind.

It's the missing link to amplify the world's most powerful certifications

If you have a StoryBrand Certification, you can create a razor-sharp message — absolutely foundational to marketing.

With ProfitFirst, you can distill your actions to only needle-moving activities — focusing on the 20% that creates 80% of results.

SYSTEMology helps you create replicable processes that allow you to scale — this way, your clients get to stop being the bottleneck.

But what if you had mastery over every aspect of marketing strategy?

Because when you combine the 1-PMP with these frameworks to create a full-picture gameplan, instead of stopping at just one small area…

You establish yourself as a complete authority on growing any business and become the most valuable person in the room.

“Just closed a six-figure contract locally pitching the 1-PMP strategy! My business is slowly pivoting from website design/dev only to strategy + execution and I wouldn't have had clarity if I didn't read the book and learned from Allan directly!”

Jericho Ramos

Become a trusted marketing authority as a...

1-Page Marketing Plan Certified Marketer

Spend 12 weeks in an intimate and intensive mentorship program taught live by Allan Diband Successwise leadership designed for coaches, consultants, and marketers.

Get an arsenal of no B.S. frameworks, differentiate yourself in the market,and have the confidence to command premium fees.

Our next round kicks off November 18th

Limited spots available.

“I thought I understood The 1-Page Marketing Plan, but after doing the certification, I realized that I had heaps more to learn. It's a fantastic program. Allan's knowledge is continually growing. He's always implementing new stuff into his training, into his learning, and developing new stuff to keep current. I absolutely recommend The 1-Page Marketing Plan Certification. I'm now teaching people how to market their business using that process and earning very good money from that.”

Brett Baker

The details

Here’s how you'll become a 1PMP
Certified marketer

12 weeks of direct access to Allan Dib to get the expertise & unique edge you need to set yourself apart.

Personalized strategy & feedback

Weekly Q&A live workshops with Allan and Claire, so you can get personalized feedback and answers to your most burning questions (and exclusive access to Allan, which would normally cost you thousands for just one session).

Real-time pointers & feedback while you work with “guinea pig clients” so you can implement and get practical experience.

Simple, no b.s. marketing training

Live in-depth trainings from Allan and Claire each week to turn you into a knowledgeable, confident marketing authority.

Lifetime access to visual slide decks, recordings & transcriptions from all trainings that you can come back to at any time.

Client call guides that give you the structure for conveying high-level concepts to clients and decision-makers and ensuring they’re always on track.

FREE access to The 1-Page Marketing Plan Course so you have easy reference to must-have marketing foundations (if you’ve already purchased the course, you get an instant refund on your purchase).

Credibility that stands out & opens doors

A “stamp of approval” 1-PMP Certification badge and frameable certificate to prove your status as a qualified expert upon successful completion of your end-of-program assessment.

A place on our certified consultants marketplace. Our clients are constantly looking for new marketing consultants. Get exclusive access to an additional potential source of revenue at no extra cost.

Time-saving systems & resources

Plug-and-play templates and strategies for marketing, sales, onboarding, client management, and maximum client retention.

Full license to use our coaching assets & materials for your clients as needed — because reinventing the wheel is hard, expensive, and unnecessary.

Exclusive access to all our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and our database of templates, spreadsheets, Google docs, and checklists.

Support from an exclusive community

Access our private, members-only Circle community where you can enjoy eye-opening conversations, get feedback on projects, and network with fellow certification members.

An accountability buddy system to help ensure you have someone to keep you focused and on track — and of course, share thoughts and challenges with (because most people just don’t get it the way we do).

A new network of high level marketers you can draw on for up-to-date insight, collaboration, and opportunities for further growth.

Imagine how you'll feel when in a few months from now, you’re…

Closing premium contracts, like Chad…

Attracting high-paying clients, like Glenn…

or potentially 2xing, or even 3xing your business, like shannon…

from the c-suite that’s grown successwise to 7-figures+

Allan here — #1 Bestselling Author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan, Serial Entrepreneur, and Rebellious Marketer

My mission? To see you master marketing to the level where you can guide others through it and repeatedly get positive results.

That’s why when you enroll in Certification, you’ll get exclusive access to me via live in-depth trainings and weekly hot-seat workshops.

And when I say exclusive, I mean it. This is the only place where you’ll get access to me and my team leaders.

Allan holding 1-PMP book
Speaking of, you’ll have access to our two lead trainers
Successwise CEO

Claire marshall

As the leader of operations behind the scenes at Successwise, Claire has not only helped build the team, systems and marketing infrastructure that have catapulted us into 7 figures, but she’s also consulted hundreds of small to medium sized businesses around the world.

Successwise CMO & head strategist

Anna kloth

Anna is Successwise’s marketing strategist. From the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, she’s led an array of successful business development and marketing campaigns across multiple industries. Training over 200 marketing coordinators in her own business, she’ll guide you through time-saving techniques and profitable strategies.

“I love how the education and training that I'm getting is something that I can share with my business owners as they're creating their growth plan. I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the program, particularly the live calls, which I can listen in on. I also love the workshops because no matter how often you listen to videos and training, it helps to have conversations with real experts. My learning style is to want to go back over it, to print the slides, to highlight them, which is why having lifetime access to recordings and transcripts has been super beneficial for me.”

Linda Hamilton

The curriculum

Here’s what you’ll master

Get an instructor-level understanding of the 1-Page Marketing Plan as well as invaluable support attracting, converting, and retaining your own clients.

Applying the 1-page Marketing Plan

We practice what we preach, and you’re getting the same blueprint we’ve used with clients like Microsoft, Keller Williams, and BMW.

We’ll show you how to take the 1-Page Marketing Plan framework — which combines the structure and predictability of a proven process with the flexibility to answer any business’s marketing needs — and apply it for your clients.

You’ll know exactly how to:

Execute the 1-PMP framework from an expert’s point of view and integrate it into the way you help your clients

Answer your clients’ needs with innovative, effective marketing strategies based on what works in today’s landscape

Help your clients navigate tough but essential marketing foundations like target market, translating research into razor-sharp messaging, and creating highly-optimized sales funnels

Team & Tools

The best way to set your clients up for exponential growth? Build the right infrastructure.You’re getting a full dissection of how we grew and streamlined Successwise into a 7-figure consultancy.You’ll discover:

When and how to hire tasks out to the right people & for each stage of the business, as well as set them up to deliver tangible results

The best tools to use & recommend to achieve your objectives

How to build effective, automated marketing systems and assets so you’re driving consistent growth while slashing your time

Structure, offer & pricing

No matter how valuable your skills, it’s useless if you’re charging pennies for them.You’ll see exactly how we put together our successful programs and products, how to avoid the mistakes we made along the way, and set prices for optimized, sustainable profit.You’ll uncover:

What goes into a compelling offer, whether it’s a digital training, a coaching program, or service package

How to price your offer(s) in a way that nets you the most revenue without putting you on a 24/7 hamster wheel of busywork

How to leverage your offers to create a highly profitable business model

Client management

This is your entire consulting business and career in a box.

We’re giving you the exact systems, tools, and SOPs (all plug-and-play) we’ve used to ensure our clients stay on track and get results.

You’ll understand:

All the key components to a successful discovery call, and how to properly “diagnose” your clients’ problems

How we onboard our clients so that we don’t get dragged out of scope, and make sure we’re covering everything we need to give them clarity

How we stay organized — you’re getting the same exact client processes that we use to save hours of time while still delivering premium quality of service

“I now have a very streamlined, very clear cut approach. I love being able to get a window into everything that you do and how you do it, because it just helps me understand how to scale a business and be very, very organized about it. I have an absolute framework in terms of how I wanna go about working with clients. I don't have to wrack my brain and reinvent the wheel. I absolutely would recommend it to anybody.”

Medha Dixit
SEO Consultant

1 Year of Alumni Access to the Academy for Continued Learning

So you can enjoy networking with your peers, as well as having continued feedback and education through the Slack channel.

Affiliate Status for The Lean Marketing Academy

You’ll be able to provide your students or clients with discounted access to The Lean Marketing Academy (and become an even more valuable resource) and earn 50% of any course you sell.

License to Use The Lean Marketing SOPs & Systems as Your Own

These are all our systems, frameworks, and assets at your disposal to deliver a world class experience. We’re giving you free license to what is essentially our business model and closely-guarded secrets.

Program Dates

Mark your calendar for exponential growth

This Year's Certification Dates

June 12 – August 31, 2023

September 25 – December 14, 2023

Not sure if now is the best time? Don’t worry, we get it.

Between advanced marketing lessons, live workshops, and guinea pig clients, even if it’s just a few hours a week, you want to make sure you’re giving Certification the dedication it deserves.

So plan ahead and choose a time that aligns with you. When you join Certification, we want you to be able to make the most out of your investment.

Application Process

Not everyone who applies for certification gets in

We only take candidates who we believe will be successful.

If you’re interested, click the application button below and fill out a simple form on the next page.
Successwise leadership (not some random sales team member) will reach out to schedule a 30-minute interview to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

We’ll go over:

  • Where you’re currently at in your business and career journey.
  • What you want to achieve as a marketing leader — in terms of skills, income, business offerings, goals, and everything in between.
  • How certification and mentorship fits into your needs, and whether it’s really the right step for you going forward.

Then based on our chat, we’ll let you know if Certification can help, and if not, what the best next step looks like for you. So you’ll get some free guidance out of it, regardless!

Certification isn't for you if…

You’re a complete beginner to business, and you’re hoping to go from 0 to 100. This is a program for people who’ve nailed the foundations, and are ready to get to the next level.

You’re not an action taker and you want results to simply fall onto your lap — the results speak for themselves, but unless you’re willing to set aside some time and put in the work, it won’t happen for you.

You feel like you know all the answers. Certification can help you, but only if you embrace new concepts and going out of your comfort zone. If you’re not willing to be open-minded, this is not an investment you should be making.

Certification is for...

The coach or consultant who wants to help their clients generate more marketing wins or provide more value by adding marketing to their wheelhouse.

The marketing professional, freelancer, or agency owner who wants to deliver even better results and command premium rates.

The entrepreneur who’s ready to start consulting or coaching after years of running businessses of their own.

To Recap, Here's What You Get...

12 weekly live trainings (recorded & transcribed for reference) from Allan Dib

Weekly Q&A workshops with Allan & Claire

Marketing templates, scripts & tools for easy implementation

All Successwise SOPs & frameworks + the licensure to use them

Coaching Guides to help you teach the 1-PMP framework

1-year access to private Slack community

Accountability Buddy System

Certification Badge & Certified Consultant Listing

BONUS: Free access to The 1-PMP Course & affiliate program

LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL recordings, transcripts, templates & other course material

Your investment?
Annual Membership


Get 4 Months Free!
Monthly Membership


it's time to position yourself as an investment, not an expense

What if i told you…

For less than the amount you bring in from one coaching client (just one!), you can completely change the trajectory of your consulting business or marketing career for years to come.

So, what will it be?

As the leader of operations behind the scenes at Successwise, Claire has not only helped build the team, systems and marketing infrastructure that have catapulted us into 7 figures, but she’s also consulted hundreds of small to medium sized businesses around the world.

You have until:

June 12, 2023

to join our next round.

But act quickly

In order to maximize your time with Allan and the team,we never accept more than 20 candidates per round (and you won’t be able to join again for at least another 9 months).

Still have questions?
How will getting certified help my business or career?
I’ve grown pretty quickly and now I’m stuck… I don’t even know where to start to reach the next level. Is Certification too advanced for me?
What's the difference between Certification and the 1-PMP Course?
How much time will I get with you, Allan?
What kind of people are inside Certification? Is there a maximum number?
How much time exactly do I need to invest in the program?
Will Certification teach me how to create a course or program of my own?