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Your Referrals so your customers become your own best marketing asset.

A crash course for marketing your business
Attract new customers

learn how to attract new customers, clients, or patients, nurture them to buy, and turn them into your own loyal sales army.

Stand out with your message

how to best communicate with your market so you don’t come across pushy, and instead become your prospects’ only logical choice.

Simplify complex choices

know which media to use, which strategies work best, and how to identify your target market.

Avoid costly mistakes

know the most common mistakes that are killing most small businesses, and how to avoid them.

Use a simple fill-in-the-blanks process

create a personalized marketing plan in a single, actionable page.

Get big results with small budgets

learn how to maximize your marketing budget using the secrets of direct response marketing.

The most successful business owners are marketers

“if they never buy, they’ll never know how good it is”

The truth is, your product doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

What really matters is how you market it.

You’re in the business of marketing what you sell.

So instead of working on being the most successful business owner, what you need is to learn how to be the best marketer.

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Hey, I’m Allan Dib.

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I’ve condensed all those secrets and lessons i’ve learned from trial and error into 9 universal steps that can be applied to any business, regardless of industry or target market.

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understand marketing without the fancy, corporate jargon
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